Friday, September 30, 2016

Blackmoor Week 2016 - part six or Dave Arneson Gameday 2016

Today is October 1st - Dave Arneson's birthday. (Sorry, but I won't be gaming today, I am going to a family wedding) I did game an OD&D game last weekend, and as always I am inspired by Blackmoor and Dave Arneson and I always try to do something new in every game. 

Last time around my players were trying to get home from a trip through a portal into another world and that is more complicated than simply going through the portal again. You see, not only are there an infinite number of universes and an infinite number of worlds in each universe, there are also an infinite of timelines since every decision by everyone splits the timeline into as many different tracks as there are many different decisions that could have been made at each decision point by each creature in each world. So when you travel through a portal you must take precautions and use certain rare magic to increase your chances of returning to the timeline you really belong to - not one where you will run into yourself or one where you do not even exist. Even having done everything that can be done, there is always a risk that you will not end up where you want to be and of course there is no way to know until something happens that should not be, such as, running into yourself.

A few new links to help you along the path of celebrating Dave Arneson Game Day.

Dave Arneson Documentary Trailer Revealed! The blog post is fairly long and here is a snippet:

Today, October 1st, is Dave Arneson's birthday. As always we celebrate  Dave Arneson Day by sharing Blackmoor related material. This year I have something very special to share. The trailer for an upcoming documentary about Dave Arneson has just dropped! The producers became aware that their trailer may have gotten leaked by accident, so they contacted me about doing an official release on my blog to counteract the leak. I suggested that they should release the trailer for Dave's birthday, and they liked that idea. I still have no information about when the movie will be released, but it looks like this is not going to be a Kickstarter project.

Dave Arneson Game Day 2016 

[Dave Arneson Day] Dave Arneson Documentary Trailer Revealed