Saturday, April 15, 2017

What is Dave Arneson’s True Genius??

What is Dave Arneson’s True Genius??

Well... It kinda starts below…

....and then by leaps and bounds...

Breaks the sound barrier of game design history

by 2,000 years...

Join us in a giant step into the past that re-opens a

future doorway David L. Arneson created and

gifted to us!

From the awarding-winning

game designer

and author Robert J. Kuntz:

Dave Arneson’s True Genius

Available From

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Dave Arneson's True Genius": Released/Available April 13, 2017

Press Release

Why is it that the question still persists of what a Role Playing Game is 46 years after David Arneson first contrived it into being and then a little later with his new partner, Gary Gygax, made the concept available commercially?

Award winning game designer and author Robert J. Kuntz presents the answers in the book, Dave Arnesonʼs True Genius, and they will surprise the entrenched, provisional views of those who have been in a perpetual argument until this point.

In this book Mr. Kuntz describes and explains through design theory and systems theory terms and examples what Arnesonʼs genius accomplished which is no less than the shattering of 2,000 years of game design history and theory.

Available April 13 from Three Line Studio: Dave Arneson's True Genius

Front of the book

Back of the book
This will go live at 10:00AM GMT or 6:00AM EDT on the 13th of April.